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Minotaur is a sci-fi adventure game inspired by Zero Escape and Danganronpa series, various visual novels and old-school point-and-click quests by LucasArts, Sierra and others.


A picture is worth a thousand words! And demo is just... priceless. Download our 0.1.0 demo for PC to try Minotaur out.

A short summary of gameplay features currently in demo:

  • point-and-click exploration and puzzle solving,
  • visual novel-style narrative,
  • rich and detailed sci-fi setting.

Coming in next version:

  • character skills,
  • multiple choices which affect progression and endings.

If you're stuck in Nod's apartment, check out our spoiler-free walkthrough. We plan to implement a hint system for next demo.

If you want to learn more about what to expect from demo, check out this article on IndieDB.


Minotaur is a 2,5D game with animated backgrounds. At the risk of sounding cocky, we think it looks really cool. And its native resolution is full HD.


Minotaur will feature nine primary characters, five of which are playable. You can find out more about them at our website, and here's a great article about "robot cat girl" Ollie, whom you'll meet in demo. You should probably know there's also a penguin... yep.

Make no mistake, Minotaur is a 100% story-driven game. It takes place in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Dome City of Nova, which turned into a deadly labyrinth for its tenants. It's up to them now to figure out who — and why — set up this elaborate trap, and try to find their way out of it.

Minotaur features multiple endings affected by your actions and choices, and is told through interactions with environment, cutscenes and VN-style dialogues. The game is divided into five routes, each telling the story of one of unfortunate residents of Royce apartments.


We created our own universe with blackjack and hookers demons and penguins. We called it Universe of Seven. It's a very detailed science-fantasy world with its own history, geography, rulebook and characters. Other projects set in U7 are Red Crown, a novel scheduled for 2017 and a prequel to Minotaur, and a board game.


We hope you like Minotaur demo. Let us know what you think, feedback is important. It will help us to make the game better.

Join us someplace: Twitter | Facebook | Steam | IndieDB

Checl out original teaser trailer for Minotaur and subscrube to U7 channel on YouTube

Subscribe for updates on our website, uof7.com

See you soon in Nova.

Install instructions

Simply extract RAR (recovery record included), launch .exe file and voilà — you're in Royce apartments, trapped in your room.


Minotaur_demo_010.rar (43 MB)


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Hello, I apologize for bothering you with such a basic question but...how can I extract the RAR file?

This looks amazing!! Obviously a lot of work went into all the details- I love the graphics, music and overall atmosphere- a dystopian wonderland haha!! I gave u a thumbs up on Steam :)

Hi, FireCatcher8585! Thank you for your comment... and especially for going an extra mile and voting for us on Steam:-)) A "dystopian wonderland" sounds like a great tagline, and we're happy that you liked the game. We wish you best of luck with your projects, too — let us know when you'll post a game on Steam!

This is a really cool and well crafted visual novel. The art style is great and well detailed, the music fits perfectly with the world, and the story is interesting and open for expansion. I realize this is a short demo for a much larger story, but I am really impressed with whats here. I play a lot of VN and I have to say there are very few that look like this game. I love the fact that the world still feels very much alive when playing through the dialogue. The fact that there are actual animations and moving parts around you, really makes this world stand out instead of a still image. All in all a great and interesting indie VN that I look forward to playing more once the full version is released. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

I WANT HER | Minotaur [Beta]

Hi, Maineiacs! Thank you for your detailed comment and a great let's play. Hearing someone who plays a lot of VNs saying they like Minotaur means a lot! It's really cool that you remembered "The Spirits Within" (we also love that movie!), and that you took note of extras and even "About" section. We're happy that you liked the animations, and kudos on figuring out the puzzle! We hope you'll play next demos and full version once it comes out. Best of luck with your channel!