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Minotaur is an adventure game set in a new world called The Universe of Seven. Here’s what we hope you’ll love about it:


Minotaur’s story is mainly focused on nine characters who come to find themselves trapped in their apartment building. Nod’s route, which is fully available in this Early Access release, follows a synthet named Nod Pikes as he attempts to escape and come to terms with his past – with help (kind of) from his lovely sharp-tongued AI assistant Ollie. Just like the game overall, Nod’s route has multiple endings. We call them: wicked, sad, very sad, brutal and shocking. Take your pick! Update: the next route has been released! Join Mentor-15, a teacher android model, on her journey of self-discovery.

A couple more notes about the story:

- All remaining routes are being added to the game for free.

- It’s fully voiced over in English by a great cast. By the way, please note that while itch.io version includes Chinese text translation, it does not include Russian version of the game. The latter is currently only available on Steam and GOG!


Minotaur has point and click mechanics at its core, so we’re trying to make the process of pointing and clicking as engaging as possible.  You’ll be solving many different puzzles, fighting ancient creatures, and even climbing lots of stairs. Hm… That last one sounded much better in our heads. It’s actually one of our favorite parts!


We’re spending a lot of time on making the world of Minotaur feel alive and immersive, and we think that graphics and animations play a huge part in that. Check out our Early Access trailer – everything in it has been captured directly from the game.


It’s good. Really. We’ve listened to thousands of tracks, and picked the best of them. Note that you can buy the soundtrack here on itch.io, as well as on Steam, GOG and Game Jolt (a bundle offer is also available on those platforms).


We often say Minotaur is a cyberpunk game, but that’s just us trying to sell it. In truth, its world is more of a science fantasy setting, and we’re obsessed with having it figured out down to the tiniest detail. Why else would we make a whole website dedicated to its lore?

Are you not convinced yet? Syl, and that was us at our best. How about trying out the demo then? We’re sure that the beginning of the story will pique your interest. And if you get stuck, feel free to use our spoiler-free walkthrough.

Hope to see you soon in Nova DC! ♡🐧


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Minotaur for Windows.zip 2.3 GB
Version 0.6.7
Minotaur for Mac.zip 2.3 GB
Version 0.6.5

Download demo

Minotaur demo for Windows.rar 188 MB
Minotaur demo for macOS.zip 313 MB


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Hi u7committee i good for make music im dont good for draw ;( im sorry

Here's the END of my adventure through Nod's route! Can't wait for the other's!

I'm so happy more of Minotaur is finally being released, even though the first route was released months ago. I'm a big fan ever since I came across the demo a couple years ago and did a LP for it. Nod's route will be a 2 video series for my channel, so here's the first! I enjoyed every bit of it, and looking forward for more routes to come! Especially Unter's and possibly 15's!

Great work! 

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There's still a problem with installing the game. Just wanted to inform you. By the way do you know more detailed realese date yet?

Hi kawosz20! Sorry for replying to your comment so late... We were waiting until we know the exact release date ourselves, but we're still not sure yet. However, we'll make sure to post an update about it soon! We also plan to fix the install issue here on itch.io when we upload the new build, so for the meantime (if you're still interested in checking the demo out) you can download it directly from our website. Cheers : ) 

ok, thank you. I'll be waiting n_n

Dunno if you guys have heard about this from someone else, but seems like there's a problem with installing the game from the desktop client. Downloaded and played this demo ages ago. Had an issue with it ending after ch.1, but that was solved by downloading directly from uof7.com.

Now, tried to reinstall it (new computer) but get an error, and can't install it. Checked out the file that gets downloaded, and it's weird - not an exe, zip, rar, etc. file, actually doesn't seem to have any file type -- def not the same type as most other itch.io games. The client's updated since then, so I guess something was changed in an update?

Downloading from itch.io in browser gets me an actual rar or zip file., so the problem's just with the client.

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Hi wallach! Thanks a lot for letting us know and describing the issue in detail : ) We've had this problem before (we believe it was you who told us about it, actually!) and thought we dealt with it, but you're probably right and our solution didn't withstand the test of client update. We know what to do to fix it more, er, permanently, though, so thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

No problem. Yeah, I think it was me before, and like I said the the client update brought up the issue again, so you guys know what you're doing!

Can't wait till this is a full game!

Hey there, I took a look at the issue and it seems v23 of the app isn't able to extract the .rar (for the Windows build) as it is currently.

The good news is that the next version of the app (v25) installs it correctly. If you wait long enough, the problem will resolve itself ;) However I'd recommend using butler to push the windows build of the game instead, you can find more information here: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/quickstart.html


Hi Amos! Sorry for the late reply... As you can see, we've decided to take the "wait long enough approach" :D  But seriously, thanks for the advice. We'll be updating builds soon with a new demo and EA release, and we'll make sure to use butler for both!

I put this off and, once I started playing it I was sorry I did! It's a really brilliant game!

An Awesome demo that leaves you wanting more!

I seriously adore Ollie in all her snide little ways!

Hi Raithias! Well, better late than never, ha-ha :D Thank you for letsplaying! We're glad that you loved Ollie (we do, too!); hope you'll be back for next release!

I'll be back if there is more Oliie! i keed i keed! (or do I?) No really you guys have a great game can't wait for the next release of this. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks again, Raithias! Ollie will definitely be there :)

Deleted 281 days ago

Hi TheSassJacket! Glad you enjoyed the demo, and thank you for a letsplay : )

Can you tell me the title sequence music please ?  That song practically made me  want to play this wonderful game.

Hi RayVenCain! Of course - it's "Arctic Futures" by Rex Sanderson and Michael Hopcroft. We're glad that you liked it : )

Hello there i love this game and i was wondering if you could tell me about the music in chapter 2 that starts playing when you enter mayas room. I really like it and would like to hear it more.

Hi dembaku72! Thank you : ) The music is "Waiting on a Dream" by Rusty Bradshaw. It's a great chill-out track, we're glad you liked it!

Deleted post

Hi JB! Thank you for a letsplay, we're glad you liked the game : )

Loved the style and type of narration of the game! Narration was something extra and  interesting  for my LP! I'm definitely gonna have to check it out on KS!

Hi TheKIngTwizz, thanks for checking Minotaur out! Kickstarter campaign is over, but we appreciate your LP, and we're glad that you like the game :-)

Played the demo. Looks good. Could you extend it to include one of the boss battles? I wanna see how they work.

Hi HelBeard! Thanks for checking Minotaur out. Unfortunately, first boss battle happens much later in the game, so we'd have to extend the demo considerably (isolating it would require a lot of work, too). However, we'll start testing alpha in a couple of months, and will record a bunch of videos from the game. Those will certainly include boss battles! Hope you'll check us out then. Cheers!

Whenever I download it anywhere, it tells me I'm missing MSVCR110.dll. Any solutions?

Hi batmanisfab! This is a file from Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package. The package usually comes with game clients (such as Steam) and other software, but it's not included in this demo. If you want to play the demo and you don't have this package, you will need to do download and install it. Here's the link which covers most Windows versions.

Thank you!

Not at all:-) We hope you'll be able to run the game!

Hello! This game looks amazing and i'm dying to try out the demo, sadly i cant seem to intall it. this is most likely a problem on my part i just wanted to make sure.

Hi Zeeloo! Thank you for checking us out. Can you tell us which system you run (Windows or Mac + version), and whether you're trying to launch the game directly or by using itch.io client?

Hi! thank you so much for getting back to me. I use a windows 10. And i try to download it from the itchio desktop client. Thanks again!

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No problem, Zeeloo! There might be some issues with itch.io client (we haven't sorted them out yet), so if you don't want to wait, I suggest downloading the game directly from our website (http://www.uof7.com/minotaur/), unpacking RAR and launching Minotaur021.exe

That should do the trick! But let us know if it doesn't.

Thank you! It's a wonderful demo and i cant wait for the full game!

Thank you, Zeeloo! We're glad that you were able to launch it. And even more so that you liked it :D We hope you'll play the full game once it's out!


Are there supposed to be 2 chapters in the demo or just the 1? I thought 2 but it seems I can only play the 1

Hi wallach! You're right, there are supposed to be two chapters: Nod's and Maya's. Can you tell us where, exactly, does game end for you and how does it happen (do you return to menu or does game just quit)?

Hey, thanks for responding. The game ends after the first chapter. It just returns to the menu. I actually ended up downloading the demo from the u7 website and that one had both chapters, so the problem's just here in itch.io

Hi wallach! I'm sorry we missed your comment... We're glad that you managed to play full demo, but we'll make sure to look into problem with itch.io version, so thanks for reporting it!

This game is great! I've only played Chapter 1 so far, but I'm just really liking the aesthetic, the characters, the voice acting, the dialogue, it's all top notch! I can't wait to see and play more!

If you're interested in seeing some of that gameplay, here's a link to check it out!


Hello, I apologize for bothering you with such a basic question but...how can I extract the RAR file?

Hey ohbde, you probably figured it out already — you need a software like WinRAR to do it.

This looks amazing!! Obviously a lot of work went into all the details- I love the graphics, music and overall atmosphere- a dystopian wonderland haha!! I gave u a thumbs up on Steam :)

Hi, FireCatcher8585! Thank you for your comment... and especially for going an extra mile and voting for us on Steam:-)) A "dystopian wonderland" sounds like a great tagline, and we're happy that you liked the game. We wish you best of luck with your projects, too — let us know when you'll post a game on Steam!

This is a really cool and well crafted visual novel. The art style is great and well detailed, the music fits perfectly with the world, and the story is interesting and open for expansion. I realize this is a short demo for a much larger story, but I am really impressed with whats here. I play a lot of VN and I have to say there are very few that look like this game. I love the fact that the world still feels very much alive when playing through the dialogue. The fact that there are actual animations and moving parts around you, really makes this world stand out instead of a still image. All in all a great and interesting indie VN that I look forward to playing more once the full version is released. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

I WANT HER | Minotaur [Beta]

Hi, Maineiacs! Thank you for your detailed comment and a great let's play. Hearing someone who plays a lot of VNs saying they like Minotaur means a lot! It's really cool that you remembered "The Spirits Within" (we also love that movie!), and that you took note of extras and even "About" section. We're happy that you liked the animations, and kudos on figuring out the puzzle! We hope you'll play next demos and full version once it comes out. Best of luck with your channel!