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The official soundtrack to Minotaur.  The download package includes:

  • Music from Minotaur (almost everything you'll hear in the game, and we add new tracks as we release new routes) in 320 kbps MP3 and 16-bit FLAC formats. All files have been properly tagged. Damn you, OCD...
  • Album art (with and without text) and wallpapers
  • A small secret : )

Track list:

Disc 1: Nod's route

  1. Symmetry of Nature 
  2. Ah! It’s a maze
  3. Acronym
  4. Waiting on a Dream
  5. Beyond Dawn
  6. Hang On
  7. Our Journey Full
  8. Forgotten Dreams
  9. Light It Up
  10. Time 2 Take Action!!!
  11. Falling From Heaven
  12. In the Clouds
  13. Chaser
  14. Cold-hearted
  15. Unter’s Dawn Song
  16. I Was Wrong
  17. Here’s to the Dreamers
  18. Glint
  19. We Could Be Kings
  20. Sleepless
  21. Cold-hearted instrumental
  22. Hang On (full mix)
  23. Here’s to the Dreamers instrumental
  24. Our Time Is Now
  25. I Was Wrong instrumental
  26. Best of Times
  27. Glint instrumental
  28. We Could Be Kings instrumental
  29. Sleepless song
  30. Haunts Me

Disc 2: Mentor's route (note that you can find split tracks from the mixes in the extras folder)

  1. Call Me Remont mix (Neon Pulse, On the Streets, Theme From Kids in Love, Dance of the Snake)
  2. Blue Inside Out
  3. Early Evening
  4. Train to Soma mix (Thai Pad, Sunset in the Sands, Desert Morning, Beauty Spot)
  5. Stolen Muscle Car
  6. Fading Stars
  7. I Got Soul (Ian Britt remix)
  8. Power Lines
  9. Blue Inside Out instrumental
  10. Thai Pad song
  11. Belladonna
  12. Power Lines song

We hope you enjoy!


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

minotaur-soundtrack-all.zip 1.2 GB
Version 0.6.0

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